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Bluetooth is used for short range wireless communication. Bluetooth is a standard wire-replacement communications protocol primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power-class-dependent, but effective ranges vary in practice.

Here we see how we can connect the bluetooth module with 8051 microcontroller device

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It used to be that the number of different microcontroller chips available to the hobbyist was pretty limited. You got to use whatever you could manage to buy from the mail-order chip dealer, and that narrowed down the choice to a small number of chips.

But times have changed. Digikey lists over 16000 different line items under a ‘microcontroller’ search. Which one should a hobbyist with no particular prior experience choose? Continue Reading…

Tools you need for writing 8051 micro controller:

Here are the some of tools used for 8051 microcontroller programming and simulation

  • A51-Assembler
  • Code editor -Syntax highlighting Notepad.
  • Simulator-windows based Smart n Small Simulator.
  • Baud -Timer value calculators for various baud rates.
  • C compiler for 8051.
  • RIDE software – simulation Click here
  • Keil uVision – 8051/ARM simulation Click here (most preferred)
  • Proteus – Fully embedded simulation software  Click here

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Power Supply circuit

November 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

5 volt power supply circuit is shown on read more.. if u need 9V DC supply then change 7805 IC to 7809 IC. Go for 12V AC step down transformer. Make a bridge circuit with diodes. Continue Reading…

8051 Pin Diagram

August 3, 2010 — 3 Comments

Pin diagram for 8051 micro controller has show below. Continue Reading…